Creative Histories #4

⧫Different Try⧫

I tried a different method for the scene of the girl sitting down and starting to draw, which seems the smoothest part of this work.

Same as the previous method, I used the workflow between Photoshop and After Effects for this part. Differently, I drew the starting frame and ending frame first, and copied a new layer once I moved the figure from the starting point to the ending point, rather than redraw each frame. For example, I made 20 more frames from 2 frames, which is the girl standing next to the desk, and another is the girl sitting front of the computer.

Also, different from the previous scene when the cloud flying into the building: all the elements are on the same layer. I separate the element which would be overlapped with each other: the girl, the chair and the desk(including all the things on the desk). This way is quite convenient as I can just move the whole layer.

I regret I didn’t try this method until I started the later scenes. I really want to redo the previous scenes with this method if I have time.


⧫Effects Setting⧫

After I finished drawing all the frames, I decided to play around the effects setting for the title and ending frame. (In case I accidentally ruined the whole file when I try the effects  setting, I set up more copies for tests)

After having a look at the short film on Vimeo, I am considering to make wiggling text for my title and ending frame. I found two ways to make this effect on YouTube:

This one is the first one I watched, it is quite complex, and he even asks us to download another element

This one is similar, and I tried to make a noise layer above after this. But I got lost afterwards…

Then I found this, it is the best and quickest I had watched so far: I didn’t need to create a background layer but just use the effects setting and slightly change the setting.

After the text, I played around the ‘Fading In and Out’ Effect. It works well for my title frame. Then, I considered it would be quite nice if I use this effects for the appearance of ‘Light of Idea’, so I separate the ‘Light’ as a new layer, and re-import it to After Effects. It works quite well, which makes the feeling of the concept of ‘sudden inspiration’ stronger.



I was thinking of using music as background audio, but Steve suggested that music is quite distracting. Thus, I decided to use some light noise for this animation. At the beginning, I recorded the noises of me writing something with my phone, but it has some extra noise in it. As I was unable to get a proper microphone in time, I used ASMR video sounds from the Internet.

Then I started to mix the audio and video together. As I tried to use audio for tests through After Effect before, I realised After Effects is not a smart software to edit audio. I started to explore Premiere at this stage.

It is so annoying that not all the Adobe Software use the same shortcut!? Because I just got used to the shortcut in After Effects, it totally changed in Premiere.

However, I used ‘Cut’ tool and ‘Fade in + out Effects’ for the audio.


Before I made the audio, I am so pleased with my animation, but since I added the audio in, I felt like the sound is ruining the image. It is the first time I tried to edit audio, and I am so bad at it.

But anyway, I made a 60 seconds animation with AUDIO. And this is what I could do with my best by Thursday.


I was so nervous about the screening before it starts, but the feedback I got seems quite positive.

Coursemates commented they quite like the drawing style and the different composition I used for the whole sequence, which encouraged me a lot.

And I also got some suggestions on how I could improve:

– Edit the audio properly: let the sound match the image, be careful with the timing

– Let the ending frame stay on screen longer, or it is a bit unclear to read


Online Videos:

EZ Tutorials (2017). How To Create Jittery Text After Effects Tutorial 4,966 views 92 3. Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017].

Dan Stevers (2013). Jittery Type After Effects Tutorial. Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017].

Kekous Tuts (2016). Jittery Wiggly Text Effect | After Effect Tutorial. Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017].


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